New Construction

Gulick Building & Development is a full service construction company with expertise in all aspects of construction and building development.

With over 28 years experience GBD is prepared to compete in quality and price when quoting your new construction project.  We have the portfolio and reputation that will allow you to sleep well at night.

It all starts with an evaluation of the viability and feasibility of your project. Our team of experts will analyze the feasibility of your prospective project and recommend a strategic course of action that will help keep costs to a minimum, avoid delays in the approval process or permit acquisition.

Once this evaluation is complete our team of experts walk your project through the approval phase. Together we determine clear goals and parameters to establish the scope of the project and the budget we have to work with. We lay out cost estimates for each phase of construction and create a schedule designed to meet your desires and expectations.

Following your approval of the plan, we proceed to identify and hire the finest subcontractors and craftsmen available to make the dream a reality. We locate and purchase the highest quality materials that the parameters of the budget will allow. Throughout the entire process, we exercise principles of value engineering to save costs and maintain superior standards of construction quality. We can even assist you with financial structuring.


Take the first step toward living in your new home and call (203) 583.4567 or email us today!