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Home Energy Solutions Home Energy Audit

Suffering from high fuel and electric bills? Uncomfortable in your home?

Don’t get frustrated. The Solution is here!

Reducing your home’s energy bill and making your home more comfortable has never been easier or more affordable. For less than $100.00 you can get a home energy audit through the nationally acclaimed Home Energy Solutions Program. Aside from a small co-pay of less than $100, this home energy audit program is completely funded by the Energize CT fund which is paid for by Connecticut electric rate payers and administered by Connecticut Light and Power and The United Illuminating Company. The Home Energy Solutions (HES) home energy audit program is a national award wining  innovative solution to reducing your home’s energy bill and making your home more comfortable all year round.

We are a Connecticut Light & Power and United Illuminating Company authorized Home Energy Solutions home energy audit vendor. Our top notch teams of certified BPI energy specialists will conduct a comprehensive home energy audit on your home or rental property. We’ll use sophisticated state of the art equipment to test your home and measure how it uses and loses energy. Once testing is complete we’ll make on-the-spot changes to improve the energy efficiency of your home making it more comfortable and saving you money.

Some of the things we do during the home energy audit include caulking and sealing of critical air leaks, installing energy efficient light bulbs, installing water saving aerators and shower heads and finally we will sit down and have a kitchen table wrap up where we’ll tell you what we found, what we did to improve your energy consumption and provide you with a home energy audit report card that will map out where you stand and what actions you need to take to help improve your energy efficiency and save even more. Depending on your eligibility we will also provide you with hundreds of dollars worth of exclusive money-saving rebates on energy efficient appliances, energy efficient hot water heater, energy efficient heating systems, energy efficient insulation, and energy efficient window upgrades.

I know, it sounds too good to be true.. But it’s not. The entire audit will cost you only $99.00.

No gimmicks, no up sell! We promise!

So what are you waiting for? Take control of your energy usage now and sign up for your home energy audit!

*Home Energy Solutions home energy audit assessment services may include the following:

  • A blower-door test which pinpoints critical drafts and air leaks. After they are found, our Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified energy specialists professionally seal them during the visit.
  • A duct test to assess air leaks within the ductwork system. Our energy specialists will seal those significant leaks.
  • Hot water-saving measures including low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators will be installed.
  • Rebates for qualifying central air conditioning systems and for replacement of certain inefficient appliances with qualifying energy-efficient models.
  • Installation of energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Incentives for insulation upgrades.
  • A “kitchen table wrap-up” where our energy specialists will review the work that was done in your home, provide you with a home energy report card, explain the program rebates available to you and tell you about additional steps you can take and additional resources you can use to help you save energy and money.
  • A $99 co-pay will be collected by our energy specialists at the time of the service the remainder of our fee is paid for by the Energize Connecticut Fund.

You may also be eligible for FREE weatherization services.

*All services provided within program guidelines and subject to funding availability.