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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Due to rising energy costs the need and demand for energy efficient replacement windows has increased and Gulick Building and Development carries a full line of energy efficient replacement windows manufactured in Connecticut by Connecticut residents to fit every application and budget.

What makes windows Energy Efficient?

Energy Efficient windows normally have two panes of glass with argon gas between them.  Argon, a noble gas found readily in Earth’s atmosphere, serves as thermal insulation between the glass because it is unaffected by temperature change.   The glass in Energy Efficient windows is also treated to have “low thermal emissivity” or low-e.  This means that in the winter the window allows in thermal rays from the sun while blocking them in the summer.  This is accomplished by an invisible coating of metal that acts like polarized sunglasses.  Winter thermals from the sun pass through, and summer thermals, coming from a different light angle, do not.

Energy Efficient replacement windows are normally constructed of welded vinyl, leaving virtually no seams to separate, and a rigid, quality product.  Vinyl is also a good insulator in that it doesn’t conduct heat and cold as readily as metal, or even wood.

All of the replacement windows we use at GBD are EnergyStar rated and Energy Efficient.

Why do I need Energy Efficient windows?

Old, single-pane windows often leak.  This means that the air you heat in the winter and cool in the summer is escaping through the windows instead of staying in your home.  Each time your heating or cooling system turns on due to this air loss, you are paying to condition air that is leaving your home.  Over the course of a year, this cost really adds up.

Is installing Energy Efficient replacement windows a big job?

Like any home improvement project, replacing windows requires careful preparation and execution.  However, in most cases, your Energy Efficient replacement windows can be installed from inside the home without disturbing either interior or exterior trim.  Further, our installers take special care to work as neatly as possible.  When we leave your home the only evidence we leave behind is your new, bright, Energy Efficient windows.

How much does it cost?

There are a number of factors that may affect the price of installing Energy Efficient windows, such as the size and quantity of your existing windows, and whatever window options you prefer.  Simulated divided lights, extra screen, and colored vinyl may be more expensive, but replacement window projects are generally more affordable than most homeowners anticipate.  More importantly, there are a number of rebates, incentives, and financing plans available for Energy Efficient replacement windows that can make your initial investment very affordable, and stretch out your low-interest payments over time.

What’s Next?

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