It’s simple, Saving Energy Saves Money and makes your home more comfortable. Saving energy in your home is also a responsible way to help save the environment by reducing your carbon foot print. At GBD energy conservation is our primary focus and we are your expert in home performance and energy efficiency.

The path to reducing your energy consumption starts with a Home Energy Audit. We are proud to be an authorized vendor for the EnergizeCT Home Energy Solutions program. Through the Home Energy Solutions program our BPI certified energy specialists will use sophisticated equipment to measure the energy efficiency of your home by way of a subsidized Home Energy Solutions home energy audit.  The Home Energy Solutions home energy audit is low cost ($149) or no cost to Connecticut electric rate payers. The audit is designed to lower your energy consumption and educate you on how to save energy in your home. During the Home Energy Solutions home energy audit you will be provided  with energy saving tips which will help reduce your energy consumption. A Home Energy Solutions home energy audit will also help you immediately start to save energy. Our team of BPI certified energy specialists will measure your home’s energy efficiency, provide on-the-spot energy improvements in your home’s energy efficiency, install energy saving light bulbs, water saving aerators, and give you access to a slew of energy saving rebates towards items such as energy efficient refrigerators, energy efficient heaters, energy efficient insulation, and energy efficient replacement windows.

For more detailed information click on the Home Energy Audit link below or call us at 203.853.4567  to take the first step toward saving energy, increasing comfort and saving money in your home or rental property.


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